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tenima's Journal

tEnIpUrI mInI dRaMa
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I'm So So So SORRY that i didn't give this community a proper introduction.

Tenima, full name Tenipuri Mini Drama.

This community is originally for me and my 2 other friends, Karu-chan and Seimi-chan to talk crap about POT ><

Demo ne... since we can meet anytime and always talking crap about it.... so.. i decided to let other people to come in and start crapping with us XD

In this community, you can talk anything under the Prince of Tennis Sun.

You can:
- request for any music or videos here... i'll try my best to find and get hold of it...
- post any of ur fanfiction or fanart...
- talk about/ recommand any fanfictions that you find interesting....
- and... so on and so forth....

in short phrase Everything and Anything!!