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seiyume_echizen in tenima

[fangirl] i feel somewhat bad~~~

i'll be taking another very short break from posting japanese entries on my LJ.

first, i feel a bit bad about the upcoming Rikkai 2nd service...its sad because it will serve as Seigaku's 3rd generation's graduation...just like hinoai said...our babies are graduating!

second is, Aiba is going as well *sobs* that after performing for more than two years in Tenimyu (correct me if the timeline is wrong), he'll finally pass his role as Fuji Syuusuke... no offense and i know i'm biased about this but, Aiba is the best Fuji there is. That makes me wonder whether the actor next on the list will be able to do his own rendition of Fuji-ko using his own uniqueness...

third is, Dori is also graduating *sobs even more* that brat is finally leaving the curtain and is saying goodbye to Tenimyu...just when TeniMyu found its true Ryoma *is stoned*

sigh, well, Dream Lives are always about graduations (well except for Dream Live 4th/Extra). look where my fangirling leads me (^_^) i am even feeling bad like a rabid Atobe fangirl (^_^)

devel_icious, you devilish writer ^^ you're story in ED is making me wanting Sanada alone for myself (^_^) maa, don't make me love Sanada more or I'll steal him away from you! right vixky89??? to love the emperor~~~



they are really going to graduated!!!
dun want~~
me want more tenimyus!!!!!!!!