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kikumaru_syuuko in tenima

Surprise Morning

Finally after 2 years... the new chapter is up...

Story Title: 7 Days Camp
Authors: kikumaru_syuuko
Story Origin: virtue_jade_sin
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Characters: Most of the tenipuri guys (before OVA) and OC
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own POT

Chapter 9 – Surprise Morning~

“Gakuto, where are you going?” Oshitari asked Mukahi who climbed off the bed above him.

“Ahemm… getting some water to drink.” Mukahi rubbed his eyes and walked to the table near at the window. Mukahi suddenly sense a light flashed across his half-closed eyes. He rubbed his eyes and looked out the window.

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! A loud scream alarmed the whole campus in the midst of night.

“What’s happening?” Asukaru, whom was sleeping nearest to the switch, stood up and turned on the light. She saw Mukahi curling in Oshitari’s hug and trembled.

“Harsh, Gakuto. What’s the matter?” Oshitari patted Mukahi’s head and said.

Mukahi stretched out this hands, face still deep in Oshitari’s chest and pointed to the window. “There… is a gh…..ost on the tree!”

“There isn’t any ghost in this world. Don’t be ridicu…Ah!” As Atobe glided down from his bed, he tripped. “Something is tied to my leg…”

Mukahi jumped and screamed, “It must be the ghost!”

“Oh, shut up, Gakuto! You’re just being a baby.” Shishido smirked at him.

“Alright! Shut up, all of you! Stay where you are.” Asukaru demanded, walked up to Atobe and examined his leg.


“Shishido-san…” Ootori who was sleeping beside him called.

“What is it?” Shishido asked back faced him.

“Can help untie me from the bed?”

“What!?” Shishido turned back and saw Ootori’s limbs being tied up to the bed stand.]

“It’s just fish line. Someone must be playing tricks on you. Kabaji-san, come help your ‘mistress’ get up.”

Everyone turned and stared at her blankly. Mistress?

“Why are you people looking at me like that? Doesn’t that Atobe-san acts like some rich lady who always order her maids around? What’s wrong with me calling her mistress?”

Shishido, Oshitari, Mukahi and Hiyoshi smirked at this point.

“Teme! Ore-sama is not miss….”

“Buchou!” “Atobe!” Everyone shut him up.

Ignoring the back, Asukaru was already at the window, fiery eyes stared out of the window at the big white bag hanging onto the branch. I shall get the idiot out and bash her up for disturbing my beauty sleep!

[Meanwhile, Akutagawa was still sleeping sounding at the corner of the room. Of cause, he was rounded up with bed sheet, like a baby. ]


-Group Ragnarok-

“Do you think we should go out to check out what happened?” Taniyama asked worriedly.

“Ya… sound like something serious happened… and other rooms lighted up too…” Ikeuchi replied.

“Let’s go to see what happen.” Susan walked towards the door. “Ain’t you coming along?” She asked as everyone had walked out of the bed except for Hanasaki.

“The door can’t be open!” Narumi who was at the door called back.

“Did you lock the door?” Susan asked Hanasaki angrily.

“I didn’t.” Hanasaki replied with her watery eyes. “I tried to get out just now… but couldn’t open the door…”

“What are we going to do? We are being locked in the room!” Mitsuki cried.

“Someone will get us out. Don’t worry.” Katagiri comforted Mitsuki.

“I’ve contacted Tsukishiro. We’ll be out in no time.” Suzuhara spoke out suddenly.

“How?” Everyone turned to her and question.

“Using this.” Suzuhara held up her phone.

“You’re not supposed to bring your phone. Do you know that, Suzuhara-san?” Hanasaki asked, walking towards her.

“You are not going to confiscate it, ain’t you?” Suzuhara immediately clutched her mobile phone to her chest.

“Of course not… since it will be a great help~” Hanasaki smiled. “However… if I ever see you use it again…”


-Circus Group-

“What’s with that scream? Did someone in the camp got injure?” Oishi sat up.

Kikumaru sat up and stretched his limbs, “Nya~!!! Why am I so sticky? What are these?”

Rini who was sleeping nearest the switch, stood up with disgust and switched the light on.

One stretch of mattress lay out in between the 2 rows of bed stands. All members sat up, drenched in golden-yellow liquid and feathers.

“Everyone’s ok?” Oishi looked around the room and spotted Tezuka staring at the empty area beside him. “What’s wrong, Tezuka?”



“Haha… Viper looks like a snake in a chicken suit!” Momoshiro pointed it out.

“Teme! It must be you who did all these mess!” Kaidou angrily accused Momoshiro.

“What proof do you have, that it’s done by me!? Mamushi!” Momoshiro stood up and stared angrily at Kaidou.

“Maa maa… Cool down will ya?” Kawamura pushed the two apart.]

“My spectacle… is gone…”

“Nani!? Your spectacle is lost!? Minna! Help search for it.” Oishi started off searching up, down and around Tezuka area.

“Atakushi-chan, are you alright?” Kikumaru who was sleeping next to Rini, spotted her squatting on the floor staring blankly at she last left her spectacles, just like Tezuka.

“My spectacles got lost too…” Rini smiled sweetly. I’ll repay to the person who did this to me.

“That means Inui-sempai has his lost too!?” Echizen spoke out and turned to look at Inui.

So does everyone else.

“Zanen dakara. I had brought spare spectacles with me.” Inui pushed his spectacles. “Tezuka, do you want to lend one of my spare pair for the time being?”

Immediately, in everyone’s mind appeared Tezuka wearing Inui’s spectacles. As they were about to burst out laughing, they felt a strong killing aura shooting at them, thus they swallowed their laughter back. Only Rini and Fuji covered their mouth and giggled.


-Group Ichigo-

“What happened?” Suzuki sat up from her bed.

“Someone screamed… wonder what happened…” Kinomoto replied. She placed her hands on her chest. “Hey! What’s this?”

“What’s what?” Nadeshiko asked.

“Can someone please switch on the light, please?” Oshiro called out.

“I’ll switch it on, dane.” Yanagisawa stood up and walked his way through the darkness and switched on the light.

“Phz…” Everyone hold their laughter when they saw Yanagisawa.

“Nani dane?”

No one dared to reply him as they knew they will burst out laughing if they open your mouth.

“What is it, dane?” Yanagisawa questioned.

Daidouji stood up, lead him to the nearest closet and opened the door, which has a mirror attached to it. In the mirror reflected Yanagisawa with a white “beard”, which shaped like a duck mouth, and on his pajamas filled with red words saying: “I am a Duck, Dane~” with a adorable mayo-painted duck picture at a corner.

Everyone laughed out, even though they were also victims of the mayo, chilli and ketchup.


-Fable Group-

The light was on. Hawa was standing at the switch, turning to the rest and said, “I’ll go out and check. All of you stay right here.”

“Where’s my Suntan Lotion!?”

“Where’s my purple hairbrush!?”

“Where’s my lucky charm!?”

“Where’s my notebook!?”

“Where’s my hair gel!?”

“Where’s my mp3!?”

“Where’s my ….. and …. And … most of my things are gone. They are all…………..”

“…...” Hawa, who was about to get out from the room, turned and faced her teammates.

“Asou-san! My bag and belongings are gone!” Everyone shouted at Hawa.

Hawa took a deep breathe and spoke, “Yes, I know it when all of you are searching for the minor stuffs of yours. I’ve seen the empty closets of yours...”

***Pick up Your PHOne BakA Hawa~!*** Pick Up Your Phone~!*** Hawa took her mobile out and answered. “Yes, Hawa speaking.”

“What!? I’ll get my key and get all of you out.” Hawa hung up the phone and ran to her closet. Empty…


-Queen Court Group-

“People stay clam. I’ll get the light switched oOOON!” “Pong!” “Splash!” Hisui fell all flat on the floor.

“Are you alright, Kobayashi-san?” Yukimura got up and trying to get down from his bed.

“Yukimura, stay where you are! I’ll help her up.” Sanada stopped him and got out carefully towards Hisui.

“Mou!! Now I’m all wet!” Hisui spoke as Sanada helped her up. Sanada switched on the light, saw Hisui’s status, blushed and turned his away.

“I wonder who did this. Getting the floor wet and marbles all around the floor.” Hisui spoke looking on the floor. She sensed someone looking at her in a strange way. She looked up and scanned across the room.

Yagyuu met her eyes, pushed his spectacles up and turned his head to another direction. Jackal blushed too and lowered his head. Marui was chewing his bubble. Yukimura giggled. Niou was admiring looking at her.

“Niou-san, why are you looking at me that way?”

Niou pointed back at her. Hisui looked at her body. Her white T-shirt was translucent after getting drenched in the pool of water.

“Everyone get out of your room and assemble at the carpark area. Now!” Hawa’s loud and angry announcement sounded, before Hisui started to say something to Niou.

“All right, let’s get out of the room. Be careful about the floor.” Hisui stood up again, took something out from her bag and carefully walk out of the door.

Sanada turned his direction at Niou. Niou smiled back.

 Author's Note:

After so long, this thread and this fanfiction had not been updated. but now... it shall be back alive with unfrequent update of this fanfic. My dear seimi won't be making up the fic anymore... cos she's busy with her school work. Being the much freedom one in this period and had nothing to do, thus shall continue writing. This is also the reason why this fanfic is back.

So... Look out for the next chapter~ Cleanning Up
(If anyone is still interested in reading.)


you know...
after i've watched the new ova, atobe's glory year.
i've realised how close shishido and gakuto are, so it choutarou and hiyoshi.
And Kabaji really follows atobe everywhere since young!

i felt like i've made a lot of mistake in each other calling their friend's name... >< especially shishido and gakuto...

gakuto call shishido, ryou instead of his surname sia... ><

yes... this is how fast the time had past.

-am unhappy with my own self-