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kikumaru_syuuko in tenima

Cleaning up

Story Title: 7 Days Camp
Authors: </a></font></b></a>kikumaru_syuuko
Story Origin: </a></font></b></a>virtue_jade_sin
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Characters: Most of the tenipuri guys (before OVA) and OC
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own POT but I own the OC!

hapter 10: Cleaning Up 

All mentors had report to their camp leader regarding the things that had happened and stood in a row in front of the rest of the camp.

Princess Princess Group covered with fishing lines; Circus group covered with honey and feathers; Group Ichigo Mayo, Chilli and Ketchap sauce.

Hawa stood out and spoke, “I will like the persons who were in-charge of this prank to stand out and admit it, before I take any other actions.”


“Looks like the persons do not want to own up. I guess some of the mentors want to say something? Karu?”

“Oh, yes, I would like to.” Karu walked towards the white sandbag hanging on the tree and faced the rest. “I would like to thank the person who set this sandbag up which scared my precious group members, and not forgetting the fish lines she tied to most of us. In return...” Scanning through the whole batch of people in front of her, “I’ll tie her up just like this sandbag and punch her like this.” Karu started her boxing, “and like that!” She continuously punched until she got tired.

“I’ll help you. Kabaji.” Atobe stood up and ordered Kabaji to join in. Kabaji punched the sandbag. It got torn and bang onto the wall…… Contents fell out.

The bags that Fable group had lost, the spectacles of all who wears them, and other items that went missing from other group. Most importantly, the bag filled with all the criminal stuffs was in it too.

Everyone went up and grabbed their stuffs back. Fuji returned with Tezuka’s spectacles. Rini took hers and in her hands the bag with the criminal contents. She stood still at where she was and waited for everyone to settle down.

“Hawa, can I have my turn now?” Rini smiled sweetly at her leader.

Oh dear, our dear Rini is really mad this time. All other mentors looked at each other. Hawa nodded and backed off slowly from her.

“Thank you. (^-^)” Rini turned back to the whole groups. “I guessed everyone had gotten their stuffs back except for one. May I ask whose bag is this?” Rini held up the bag, no one own up and thus she spoke again.

“Well, I guess the person is smart enough to not own up. This will be kept as evidence. Whoever the bag owner is, will get a special ‘spa’ treatment from me.” Rini scanned the group and her eyes stopped at Niou, who was smiling as if nothing has got to do with him. “Treatment included a spread of HONEY all over your body, including your head and hair. You’ll be place in the dug ground covered up to your neck in the sun. It is a good benefit for your skin and your body too. Oh, not forgetting about the wheat on to face too.” So, all the smelly birds will come to you.  (*+*)

Everyone shivered to the bottom of their heart, except for Fuji and Yukimura. We’ll get well together… Fuji and Yukimura thought looking at Rini.

Rini walked to the mentor group and passed the bag to Hawa. “You shall keep this.” She walked to the end of the row and closed her eyes.

“Well, I guess you all heard what Miss Rini and Karu had said. I’ll keep this bag as evidence. I guess no other mentor want to speak?” Hawa scanned the mentors.

“All right, I shall let the matter as it is now, since the pranksters do not want to own up. However, I shall not tolerate this once more. I don’t want to see anyone being locked up in the room and unable to get out. Now, I’ve to pay for the damaged door.” Hawa sighed. She looked at her watch and spoke again, “Okay, all of you go and clean up your room. After we have checked your room, then you can have your bath and/or breakfast. Now, get away.”

Everyone got up and walked back to their respective room.  


- Queen’s Court Room-

Sanada stood in front of Niou.

“What is the matter, Fukubuchou?”


Everyone, exclude Yukimura, was shocked by Sanada’s action.

“Don’t think that I do not know who did all these. You’re too relaxed!”

A black figure was standing outside the room and heard what Sanada said.


-Below the “ghost” tree-

“Somehow I have the feeling that it’s Niou-san who did all these.” Rini told Hawa what she thought.

“But we do not have proof that it’s done by her. You are just suspecting.”

“I know what you mean… but…”

“I know who did it.” Hanasaki walked up.


“Just like what Rini had said.”

“But that is just her assumption. There’s no proof.”

“I just walked pass their room, saw Sanada smacking Niou and warned her.”

“Was Hisui around when she did that?” Rini asked out of concern. She knew if Hisui was around, she would not let anyone get injured. Even to people she hates, a kind soul. If she could not stop it, she would get very sad about it for the rest of the day.

“No, she wasn’t.”

“Alright, don’t let her know about it too. Looks like I shall take some action on that girl for doing all these to us…” Rini turned and got real close to Hawa. “You are the leader of this camp. Can I have the authority to punish that girl?”

Hawa moved backwards, “You may, but please don’t do what you had said earlier.”

“I’m not so bad, ain’t I?”

“Who knows?” Hanasaki shoved her shoulders and walked off.

“Reika, don’t let others know about it. If not, things might get worst. Especially do not tell Karu! That girl will get injured!” Hawa shouted out to Hanasaki.

Hanasaki just waved her hand, acknowledged.

Hawa looked back at Rini, “To you too. Got it?”

“Yes, Madam. Let’s see, how should I punish her?” Rini folded her arms, fingers at her chin, thinking hard how to punish Niou and walked away.


-Back at Queen’s Court Room-

“Finally got back.” Hisui returned with a bucket and a mop. “Alright, let’s start clearing all these mess. I could only get a bucket and one mop. Since the other group also need them to clean up their room. I’ll mop up the water. All of you please help me pick up all the marbles and be careful. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

Rikkai members, exclude Yukimura, walked their way carefully and picked up the marbles. [Yukimura was stopped by Sanada] Hisui started mopping the floor while having deep thoughts. I wonder how is Rini doing. Her room is the worst, filled up with honey and feathers. Sure it will take her and her group a long time to finish cleaning it up. Should I go and help her?

‘Thub thub’

The door opened and Rini’s face appeared at the opening. “Hisui, is it okay if I borrow one of your members to help me out at my room?”

“Rini! I was just thinking if I should go and help you.”

Rini smiled at her, “Thanks, dear. However, I think you should stay with your group. They need someone to mentor them. I just need to borrow a girl. Can I borrow Niou-san to help me out?”

“Sure! No prob…”

“Wait! I shall help you out. Since I’m stronger that the others here.” Sanada stood out.

“No need for it fukubuchou, I’ll go.” Niou walked pass Rini out of the room.

“Thanks a lot, dear.” Rini closed the door and walked towards her room.

“Puri.” I shall see what you are going to do.


-Trinity Girls Room-

“Lucky, nothing happened to our group.” Hououji walked into the room and sat on her bed.

“Know what? Mikan just told me something really funny.” Tsukishiro gossiped.

“What is it? Don’t just stop like that.” Yamamoto urged Tsukishiro to continue her words.

“Do you guys know Yanagisawa-san from her group, Ichigo?”

Atsushi tilled up his head as he heard his doubles partner name was announced. The twins were not listening to what the girls were talking all along.

“Oh, you mean that girl who looks like Donald duck?” Yuki spoke while opening her closet.

“Haha, yes, that girl. You saw her shirt just now? It was in total mess with all the sauces on her. Actually the prankster wrote ‘I am a duck, dane.’ on her shirt with a cute white duckling at the corner. Hahahahaha~ that is so funny.”

The whole group laughed.

Arita stood up and clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention. “Okay, girls. Since we are not victims of the prankster, I think we shall go help the other groups.”

“Hey what are you doing with my sleeping gown?” Sakura pointed to Ryou and went to snatch it back.

“It was found in my closet and all these things here do not belong to me. My belongings are gone too.” Ryou opened his closet and showed others.

“Hey. That’s mine!” Everyone went to snatch their belongings out of Ryou’s closet.

“Everyone, please check your closet, see if you had lost anything.” Arita acted quickly and opened up her closet.


-Circus Room-

“All right, girls, I’ve brought a helper back.” Rini spoke as she walked in, and Niou followed behind.

“That’s so kind of you, Niou. It would be a great help.” Oishi went up and shook his hands.

“You’re welcome.”

“Niou,” Rini turned back to him and smiled, “please help us wash the laundries and clean the mattresses. We’ll help to bring all of them out to you. Use the basin outside.” And she turned back to her group. “Kawamura and Momoshiro, please help Niou bring the mattresses out. Oh yes, Niou, here’s a suggestion, you can use warm water to wash and clean all of them. It will help you to wash faster and cleaner.”

“Well, thank you for your suggestions.” Niou smiled happily back at her. So the punishment is just washing… That’s nothing to me.

Niou, Kawamura and Momoshiro started to move the mattresses out.

“Okay, Echizen and Fuji, please help to clean the bed stands. Tezuka and Inui, please clean all the closets. Remember to clean the top. I suspect that the top is also filled with honey. Oishi and Kaidou, please mop the floor. I only have one mop. So, one of you has to use the cloth in this bucket to mop.” Rini separated work among her group quickly. “Eiji, please come with me. We need to collect all the laundries from the other groups.”


-Ichigo’s room-

“Everyone, please collect all your dirty blankets and bed sheets and place it outside the room. Then, go and clean up yourself. Don’t wash your laundry there, bring it back and place it outside. Make sure that you remember what your clothes looks like.” Oshiro told her group.

“Why?” Everyone questioned.

“Well, I’ve gotten a message from Rini, saying that someone will wash all our laundry for us. We need not do it ourselves.”

“Yeah~! That’s great!”

“Okay, settle down and start working.”


-Victory’s room-

“Come on in, girls, there is nothing to scared about.” Umezu stood at the door, waiting for the rest of her group to get in. “Minami-san, Saeki-san and Tachibana-san are already in here cleaning up. All these…” She took a rubber bat and hanged it in the air, “are fakes.”

“Ah~~!! Don’t let them near me!” Girls started to back off.

“Okay, all of you stay outside until we’ve finished cleaning up.” Umezu sighed and closed the door. All because Hanasaki came in and told her ghost stories.  

Umezu looked at the 3 girls cleaning up the room and apologized, “Sorry, looks like we are the only ones who are going to clean all these up.”

“It’s alright, since others are so scared. By the way, do you happen to have any scissors that can cut all these soft metal wires?” Saeki smiled and asked.

“Oh yes, hold on.” Umezu dug into her pouch and passed it to Saeki.

“Umezu-san, can I have a big garbage bag to throw all these?” An shouted out from the other corner, pointing to the spooky items taken down to be cleared off.

“Catch it.” She threw it over, “Don’t throw them away, they might be a good use later.”


Minami called out. “Umezu-san, I need a ladder, do you happen to have one in your bag?”

Umezu stared at him. Do my bag looks that big to you, which can contain a ladder?


-Princess Princess Room-

“Go thing we don’t have much to tidy up.” Asukaru looked around the room and spotted Atobe leading on his bed. “Atobe, why you are not cleaning up!?”

“Kabaji will do it for me.” Atobe spoke lazily, not looking at her.

“Think that because you are rich, you can act like a queen and let others do things for you!? Kabaji, don’t do it for her.” Asukaru got frustrated.

“Nakamaru-san, cool down…” Ootori stepped in to cool Asukaru down.

“Kabaji, why are you standing there not responding?” Oshitari pointed out as he was the statue.

Kabaji moved aside. A huge white package was lying on Akutagawa’s bed.

“Don’t tell me…” Asukaru looked surprised.

“Jirou!” Shishido and Mukahi ran over, trying their best to untie that sleeping baby.


-Fables Room-

“Lucky, we’ve gotten all our belongings back.” Sengoku smiled happily, since he had gotten his most important lucky charm back.

Others were either “hugging” their precious stuffs or checking if anything was lost.

“Girls, now pack your belongings and we shall go and help the others.” Hawa announced. However, the “boys” did not put her words into ears, as they were not “girls” in mind. Thus no one replied or responded to her.

“Hello people, are you listening to me!?”

“Sorry, what did you say just now?” Tachibana apologised.

“Everybody, listen up, I shall just say this once more. Pack your belongings now and let’s go and help the others. Okay?”

“No, I shall have my beauty sleep after I’ve packed up.” Mizuki spoke.

“Sempai.” Yuuta looking worried at him.

“If you want that, then there will be no breakfast for all of you.” Hawa walked out of the room.

“NANI!” Everyone turned and stared at Mizuki.

Author's Message

Hi, finally chapter 10 is out~ fast right? XD
However, I have not thought of what to write for chapter 11. Thus, it won't be out so fast.
So, Look out for a bonus short chapter next. Actually, I've already finish written it. XD
yaya... didn't write chapter 11 and wrote bonus chapter...
whatever it is. Look out for it~

P.S. Please leave a comment after you have read it. To help me improve and also know who are reading it. Sankyuu~

-Tanoshimi ni~  -