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kikumaru_syuuko in tenima

Breakfast Mess

After 6 years, finally updating with the long waited Chapter 11.

Story Title: 7 Days Camp
Authors: kikumaru_syuuko
Story Origin: virtue_jade_sin
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Characters: Most of the tenipuri guys (before OVA) and OC
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own POT

Chapter 11 – Breakfast Mess
In the canteen, everyone was exhausted from all the cleaning work done. Now they were waiting for their brunch to arrive.
"It's been half an hour. What is keeping Diana up?" Oshiro's head place on the table.
"I'll give her a call." Rini stood up and walked out of the canteen.
A minute late…
"What!?" Rini shouted so loud that the people in the canteen can hear. She popped her head in and shouted out, "Hawa, the van's battery had used up. She is waiting for the service truck to pick the van up. She wants us to go and collect the food from her."
"Why did she only inform us now?" Asukaru mumbled.
"Where is she now?" Hawa asked as Rini walked in hanging up her mobile in hand.
She redialled the phone, "Dia, where are you now? … Erm… Ya, I know where that is. Okay."Rini hung up the phone again. "She is two roads away from here, which is along the famous cake shop that Karu loves. What?"
All mentors staring at Rini with Asukaru having her eyes shimmering.
"I wonder how many time does she have to call. She hangs up so fast before we can stop her."
"Aiya, she is rich. She likes to call as many times as she wants."
Hawa sighed, "Alright, we have to walk there to collect our food. Everyone is starving." She pointed to the hungry ‘ghosts' whom were staring at them. "Since it is just 2 roads away, we just have to walk over there and get it."
"I shall say first. I got no strength to move around ready." Hanazawa rose her hand up and spoke.
"So am I." Asukaru yawned.
"Alright, both of you stay in here and look after the kids." Hawa turned to the campers and announced, "Everyone, we mentors are going to get the food back as soon. Please wait patiently. Asukaru, Atasushi and Hanazawa will be staying here, if there is anything, just look for them. Let's go."
After the mentors left, Karu asked Rini, who felt relieved about not going to do that carrying job.  "Why Hawa left you with us?"
"How would I know?" Rini went to walk around the canteen.
"Cause we are not as responsible as she is." Hanazawa suddenly spoke and continue with her unfinished handcraft.
Princess Princess
"Uh~ They made Ore-sama worked for the whole morning and did not give Ore-sama any breakfast. Now the lunch is still not here. Ore-sama shall complain to the teacher-in-charge." Atobe grumbled and took out his mobile and starts dialing.
Oshitari who was beside him, heard what he said and thought, this time the girls are going to be in trouble.
Queens Court
"Pop!" Marui's bubble gum burst, he kept everything back and chewed again. "I'm hungry. I want cakes."
A hand with some chocolates appeared in front of Marui's eyes. "I have some chocolates here. Please bear with it until the food comes."
Rikkai members looked up and saw that it's Rini. They thanked her.
Circus Group
Eiji ran up to Rini and pounce on her, " Unfair! You are our group mentor, why did you only give the chocolates to the rikkai's team!!!"
"Eiji, I think I have some small snacks in the room. Maybe we can share it with the rest of the teams before the food arrive." Oishi tapped on Eiji.
"I think I have some more too." Rini turned to Oishi. "Where did you put yours? I'll go and get them."
"They are in the blue bag beside my bed."
"Yeah!!! I'll take them and have it all for myself!!" Eiji shouted and ran off.
"Hey, you selfish cat! Come back!" Rini shouted and chased after him.
Fuji smirked looking at the chase.
“Are we there yet?” Arita asked.
“Should be around this area.” Umezu replied.
“There it is!!! Karu’s favourite Cake Shop!!” Oshiro exclaimed, pointing to the Cupcake shop. “The van is just right down the street!”
Everyone rushed over to the exhausted van.
“Diana!” Oshiro waved as she saw Diana walking out from the back of the van, who looked troubled.
“How’s the situation now? Don’t tell me it’s the food.” Hawa asked.
“Most of food are alright. Just that you might have to warm them up when you get back to the camp. But the desserts, they have melted. Looks like we have to find alternatives.” Diana explained.
“Desserts we just get the cupcakes from the cupcake shop then? Since it’s just right in front.” Hisui suggested.
“Alright, Hisui and Arita, go and get the cupcakes. The rest of us, let’s get the food back. Oshiro, hire some cabs, we can’t carry them back bare hands. Umezu, call Rini and ask her to arrange a team to wait for us at the entrance to carry the food into the canteen.” Asou started to distribute work.
After the day’s activity, the mentors and camp leaders were being called for meeting with Mrs. Okitaka, the camp teacher-in-charge.